M121330S - Harley-Davidson® FL Touring 1986-2016 Slip on Mufflers - Stainless

M121330S - Harley-Davidson® FL Touring 1986-2016 Slip on Mufflers - Stainless

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Patriot Defender Exhaust M121330S Harley Davidson FL Touring 1986-2016 Slip On Mufflers

NOTE: 2010-16 models require an O2 Sensor Adaptor kit to fit. Available from NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Fits Street Glide™, Electra Glide®, Ultra Classic®, Road King®, Road Glide®.

More Power

Patriot's engineers have developed an exhaust system that performs on a par with other top brands for horsepower and torque while offering easy volume changes of the SFI valve and superior stainless steel construction. See the Patriot® Defender vs Thunderheader dyno charts here.

Loud When You Want... Quiet When You Need

With Patriot's patented Defender exhaust, featuring SFI* technology, just an easy adjustment takes your bike from DEEP RUMBLE to subtle quietness. Maybe you live in an area where law enforcement is cracking down on loud pipes. With the Defender you can ride at the sound you need. No discs to remove, no unbolting, no dirty mufflers to reach inside and turn - Just a simple adjustment.

Valve Action

Simple Volume Changes!

In the closed position, Defenders will generally replicate stock sound levels. As you open the SFI valve, sound levels and power output will increase with a deep throaty rumble that rivals any pipe on the market for great sound and significant power increases. To adjust the Defender's SFI valve; loosen the set screw on the SFI valve arm, rotate the valve to the desired sound level position, tighten the set screw - 30 seconds and you're done!

SFI stands for Sound Flow Inversion, Patriot's innovative exhaust baffle design that allows the rider to redirect the flow of the exhaust to instantly change the volume. In 1996 the first generation of SFI Slip On mufflers were produced for Harley's and quickly became a big seller. In 2005 engineering work began on incorporating the SFI Technology in to a performance exhaust system. That engineering effort culminated in the line of pipes now known as the Patriot® Defenders.

Read more on Patriot Defenders and other Patriot Harley Products by clicking here.


All Patriot Defender™ Exhaust are guaranteed, to the original purchaser, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year. This warranty covers the replacement or repair of the product only and does not cover the cost of removal and installation. Discoloration or “Bluing” is caused by Excessive Heat or Improper Tuning and IS NOT covered by this warranty. Patriot Defenders are made from Stainless Steel and WILL turn Gold in color over time. This is normal and is a characteristic of Stainless Steel. It is possible to use Stainless Steel Polish to return to a bright and shiny finish. Use regular Chrome Polish on the heat shields

Damage or product failure resulting from collision, improper installation, off-road use, road hazards, the use of exhaust insulating wrap or like products or rust occurring after installation, is not covered by the warranty. Should a part become defective it should be returned to the original selling retailer and must be accompanied with the sales receipt. If there is no retailer in your area, call the factory for a return authorization and return your part prepaid to the factory for inspection. PerTronix reserves the right to replace or repair the alleged defective part at our discretion and return the part freight collect

These exhaust products are not legal for sale or use in California or elsewhere on catalyst equipped vehicles except for racing which may not be operated on a highway. These products may not meet State or Federal Noise Emissions standards and may not be used on any vehicle if such use is in violation of said standards.

None of our pipes are legal for street use in California on 2013 or newer model year motorcycles.

M121330S - Harley-Davidson® FL Touring 1986-2016 Slip on Mufflers -  Stainless

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M121330S
UPC 694342531713
Finish Stainless/Chrome
Application Model Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, Touring Sport, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited

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